2.5D Platformer — Beginning #1

New project, new features to code, and more fun to be had!

After a little summer break I took after I finished my other project (the Cinematic Stealth game), I’m back with another project. This time, it’s all about platforming! And as a disclaimer, yes, this is also one of the GameDevHQ’s Unity courses.

If you didn’t know: 2.5D can either be a 2D game with set of sprites that can give off the illusion that is in 3D, or a completely 3D game, but you only travel through an Horizontal and Vertical Axis (and with a few exceptions, also in the Z-axis).

Anyways, I’ll be working on this new 2.5D Platformer project for the next weeks. It’s been a while since I made a platformer, let alone a 2.5D game. It doesn’t differ much from a 2D game, as the movement will be completely in 2D, however, the characters, entities and the enviroment will be entirely in 3D.

So far, I’ve made a simple Test scene where I’ll start coding the main features of the game. If you want to see how this project turns out, be sure to follow me on Medium. ;)




Junior Unity Developer

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Pablo Gómez Platón

Pablo Gómez Platón

Junior Unity Developer

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