Making modular platforms with ease!


Create an empty GameObject and name it “MovingPlatform”. Inside this GameObject, we’ll add the actual platform (a reshaped cube will do just fine), and another empty GameObject for the platform travel points.

Don’t die while collecting coins throughout your journey!

Collectables / Coins

An extra little boost to reach new heights!

Move, Jump and Fall!


With just a Character Controller in any of your GameObjects is fine. Once you have your controllable character, I added a script where I’ll code the movement. And yes, I use the new Input System and so should you.

New project, new features to code, and more fun to be had!

Loading: 13%… Loading: 35%… Loading: 77%… Loading: 100%!

Using Singletons to track the player’s state

Handling game states and data

Toss a coin to your Wit… I mean, guards!


The guard can move, and now, they can spot you!


Add an empty GameObject to your AI GameObject, and add a Box Collider. Set it as a Trigger, and modify the size however you like.

Pablo Gómez Platón

I am a recently graduated Game Designer with strong knowledge of the Unity Engine! You can check my game “Noise Hunters” on Steam!

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