Toss a coin to your Wit… I mean, guards!

The guards protecting the place will make it difficult for the player to move past them. Luckily, I’ve recently added a new feature: Tossing coins! Well, one coin to be precise. The player will have to think of one spot that will distract all the guards away and allow easily progressing through the level.


The guard can move, and now, they can spot you!

The guards are now ready to take out their blindfolds, and actually see Darren moving across the room. The Vision sense implementation in this project is quite basic, using a Trigger to detect the player, but it’s good enough.


Add an empty GameObject to your AI GameObject, and add a Box Collider. Set it as a Trigger, and modify the size however you like.

Time to analyze the guard’s patrol pattern!

It’s pretty common for videogame enemies to have a patrol pattern, moving from point to point, looking out to get the player. And obviously, a stealth game will always have pesky enemies patrolling around.

So, I’ve implemented modular patrol waypoints that will allow me to easily create new patrol paths and behaviour. Let me show you how that works:

Before continuing

Be sure to check out my article about Nav Mesh!

Learn how to control your animations in Unity

The Animator is Unity’s main visual tool to handle multiple animations in a GameObject based on a State Machine approach (only one state can be active per layer, states can transition between them if certain conditions are met).

In this article, I will only focus on the basic usage of this tool, showing you how the Animator State machine works, how to create new parameters, how to create transitions, and how to modify the existing parameters through code.

How to start

Head to Window > Animation > Animator to open up the Animator Window.

Using Unity’s NavMesh Agents to move our characters!

Are you ready to make your character move wherever you point and click in your scene? Then, this straight-forward article will help you get going instantly!

Quick Note

If you haven’t tried Unity’s NavMesh, you can read my article on the basic use of this tool.

Ready to make your AI move on demand?

Unity has a great tool for AI pathfinding that will allow you to easily create automatic movement for your game. My game Noise Hunters benefited from it, and I couldn’t have made it without this.

Do you want to know how to use NavMesh in your games? Then keep reading!

How to begin

First, create a new scene or use an existing one to test the NavMesh. As the name says, this pathfinding technique calculates the walkable areas represented as a “mesh” in your scene.

The heist begins! Good luck, Darren…

This is the biggest cutscene in the entire project! The difference between the other cutscenes is that I’ve worked on multiple camera shots and travelling, and I’ve had to line up visuals and audio to complete this cutscene.

Mission Failed. We’ll get ’em next time…

I’ve made a new cutscene when Darren gets caught! It’s a simple cutscene that will make for a cool Game Over screen! You can see below what the storyboard looks like:

Composing the scene for the first cutscene!

I’ve created my very first cutscene with cool assets using Unity’s Timeline! The cutscene is all about Darren, the protagonist, stealthily stealing a card from a sleeping guard, and succeed at it!

In this article, I want to show you how I’ve built the card cutscene timeline, and the elements that partake in the shot!

The Timeline

Planning your cutscene flow and shots

In the audiovisual entertainment medium, including the videogame industry, previsualization elements are used to brainstorm, test, or guide the camera shots, movement, lighting, and overall flow and intentions of a script.

Pablo Gómez Platón

I am a recently graduated Game Designer with strong knowledge of the Unity Engine! You can check my game “Noise Hunters” on Steam!

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