Cinematic Stealth Project — Crystal Clear Windows #2

Allow your players to take a peek through the windows

Do you wonder how windows are made? No, not in real life. In videogames! It’s actually quite simple. In your 3D model, whether it is a primitive shape or a complex shape, you’ll just have to add one material which you can easily create in Unity.

Create a new material, and assign that to the model you want it to have the transparent window material. This will allow you to see real-time changes of that material.

Now, change the Rendering Mode to Transparent. This is pretty much self-explanatory.

You won’t notice any difference, and that’s because the material has an Albedo color without transparency (max alpha value). The lower the value, the more transparent it will get. You can use this to your advantage to make tinted glass! But, for now, keep the alpha value as low as you can / want.

Now, we can see the background. But there isn’t as reflectant as a clear window should be. And that’s because we need to adjust the Smoothness bar. Setting it at the maximum value will reflect everything and it will give it the look that we are looking for!

And that’s it! Quick and simple windows done in less than a minute!




Junior Unity Developer

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Pablo Gómez Platón

Pablo Gómez Platón

Junior Unity Developer

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