Galaxy Shooter 2D — New Input System #17

Ditching the old Unity Input System for the new and improved one

Switching from Old to New

The New Input System comes as a Unity Official Package (use Unity version 2018 or newer). You can find it and install it in the Package Manager window (Window > Package Manager).

Creating Input Actions

Add a Player Input component to your Player Controller (in my case, my Player Ship), and click on the Create Actions… button. A new window will show up asking for a location to store a file with all your future inputs.

Using Inputs

There are various ways to handle these Inputs, but the one I chose to use is through Invoking Unity Events in the Player Input component.

The Shoot (Fire) Input Map has a Press interaction with a “Press and Release” behaviour. That means that whenever the Control magnitude crosses or goes back below the Press Point threshold.


This was rather a small and brief introduction to the new Input System, but good enough to get you going. I always suggest you look at some other in-depth videos, and once you get a grip of the system, take a look at the API.

I am a recently graduated Game Designer with strong knowledge of the Unity Engine! You can check my game “Noise Hunters” on Steam!