Galaxy Shooter 2D — PostProcessing #14

Using PostProcessing to improve the visual fidelity of the game!

Okay, how can I get PostProcessing?

Curiously, Post Processing used to be an asset in the Unity’s asset store. They moved it into a package, separating Unity’s assets from other user’s assets.

How to get PostProcessing working

  • Create a new Layer called PostProcessing.
  • Add the Post-Process Layer component to your Main Camera. Assign the layer PostProcessing.
  • Create an empty GameObject, and add the Post-Process Volume component. Set the layer to PostProcessing (so the camera knows that it’s a PostProcess volume) and set the volume to global (to instantly apply the PostProcess).
  • Create a new PostProcess Profile asset and assign it to the Volume. After this step, you can start adding your own effects and see the changes in real time! (If you want to disable PostProcess effects, you can always disable the Volume GameObject).

Adding Effects



Junior Unity Developer

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