Pseudo Code

Creating behaviour by writing step by step our intention

I’ll give you an example:

We are working as a team. You are the lead programmer, and I am the lead game designer. I recently finished updating our Game Design Document (GDD), and you have a new feature to add to our game: Buttons!

You can either write your Pseudo Code in detail…
…or keep it simple! (See K.I.S.S. No, not that band. The principle.)
There we go! Real functioning code out of comments.
Whoops. Forgot to tell you to Serialize your Fields. You need a way to link references and put data inside the variables. Using [SerializeField] will expose the variables in the Unity’s Editor.
In Action! Only when the Player reaches the minimum prompt distance, the Player can press the E key to print that message.

I am a recently graduated Game Designer with strong knowledge of the Unity Engine! You can check my game “Noise Hunters” on Steam!