Testing Unity’s RP — Modular Level Design #2

Quick bit on building a scene piece by piece

Modular level design has been fairly popular for quite some time. Building your own structures by assembling them with separate assets might be more efficient than letting the 3D modelers do everything by themselves. Basically, virtual Lego where you or your modelers are the pieces providers.

So, how do you even piece everything together?

Unity offers two simple features to help with that: Vertex Snapping, and Surface Snapping.

  • Vertex Snapping: By pressing ‘V’ while the Move Tool is active, you’ll see how a small square appears and snaps to the nearest vertices. Now, if you select one of them and try moving it to another point, it will snap seamlessly to that point.
  • Surface Snapping: Manually adjusting the height of props so they don’t levitate can be a chore. If your GameObjects have colliders, by pressing Control + Shift and dragging your desired object on to a surface, it will stay on top.
Quick tip! If you’re directly dragging a new GameObject from your prefabs folder, Unity will automatically try to snap that GameObject to any surface. Thanks Unity!

Using these two tools, I’ve made awesome reusable prefabs which helped a ton building my scene. It takes a bit of time, but the end result is absolutely worth it!

Entirely made piece by piece, and it looks great!




Junior Unity Developer

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Pablo Gómez Platón

Pablo Gómez Platón

Junior Unity Developer

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